Virginia Armstrong

General Manager


Virginia moved from Colorado to Kona in 2007 after falling in love with diving.  She joined the Honu Crew in 2010 and has since made the place her home.  She graduated from the University of Hawaii with a degree in Business.  You will find her smiling face in the dive shop, running all the behind the scenes action.  She's an excellent source of information concerning diving courses, dive travel, critters you may see, recommendations for Kona activities, and she can talk football all day long!  She is the general overseer of operations here at KHD so if you have a special request or questions, just ask!


Dive Site Nai'a  
Rarest & Favorite Critter Whitley's Male Boxfish  

Honu Dive Travel Grandmaster

Discovering the world's greatest diving destinations is not an easy task but Virginia has taken it upon herself to find, organize, and orchestrate trips to top diving destinations. Taking the Honu Dive Travel Group to Fiji and the Philippines in 2018 she has set her sights far and wide and is always open to new ideas

Where She's Been

Jupiter Florida
Playa Del Carmen
Providencia, Colombia

Where She wants to go

Philippines - September 2018
Fiji - February - March 2018
New Zealand
. . . and much much more!